New Launch ~ Marigold Pinklay Living Collection
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New Launch ~ Marigold Pinklay Living Collection

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Maasai Mara: A Pinklay Kids Summer Collection

Here is a fun activity for you. There is a 4 part story to our Maasai Mara collection. With your first order from this collection, you would have received a card to colour. There are 3 more parts to it. Collect them all to complete the series. Scroll down to read the entire story. Have fun!

Leo the leopard, Jumbo the elephant, Genie the giraffe and, tweety the bird were best friends. They lived in Maasai Mara, a jungle reserve in Kenya. The four animals, even though so different, coexisted together in complete harmony. Leo protected his friends while Jumbo gave them free water showers on hot days. Genie and tweety shared information on intruders and hunters. Together, they were strong and better.

One day, Jumbo lost his way. After walking for days, he reached a nearby village. On his way, he met Poppy the monkey and Zia the snake. They were lost too. But, now at least they were together. Soon, they reached a town. Confused, scared and hungry…poor Jumbo started to cry. He missed his home Maasai Mara and his friends.

Ana, a sweet little kind girl noticed Jumbo crying and offered him food and water. Ana asked her parents to help her help Jumbo, Zia and Poppy find their way back to Maasai Mara.

And, just like that, Jumbo was reunited with all his friends in the Jungle. A few days later, Ana and her parents took a safari to meet Jumbo and his friends. What a lovely day it was when everyone came together to rejoice. Maasai Mara must be a beautiful place to be where everyone coexists and helps each other.

Color each one of them and ask mommy/ daddy to post a photo and tag us @pinklayindia . We can’t wait to see what you make and feature it on our page.

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