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Pockets Through Time: A Journey of Gender, Fashion, and Equality
The call for pocket equality is not just about fashion but about challenging the very premise of gender inequality. It's a demand for practicality, independence, and empowerment. Women should be able to carry their essentials without needing a bag all the time.
5 Easy Tips for Sustainable Travel
We love travel and we would love for you to travel with Pinklay. However, reckless tourism can negatively impact the environment. This Earth Day, we share with you our favourite 5 sustainable travel tips.
1 Brand, 12+ Crafts and 500+ Artisans
At Pinklay, art is very close to us, we express it through a dozen+ handcrafts from across the country. It's an honour we wake up to every day, the privilege to preserve and reinforce India's incredible craft heritage in a contemporary global way.
How to Ace Printed Pants
Printed pants may look for the adventurous, however, they are for everyone. Let us show you how.
5 Ways to Style Your Lantern Pants

The comfort of pjs and chic looks of a summer trouser - there are many ways to style lantern pants; here we list our favorite pairings.

How to Take Care of Your Favorite Indigo Clothing?

Indigo is beautiful…but it needs to be treated with care and love, while making and wearing, both. Follow these steps to take care of your indigo garments.


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