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1 Brand, 12+ Crafts and 500+ Artisans

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1 Brand, 12+ Crafts and 500+ Artisans

At Pinklay, art is very close to us, we express it through a dozen+ handcrafts from across the country. It's an honour we wake up to every day, the privilege to preserve and reinforce India's incredible craft heritage in a contemporary global way. Travel with us on a photographic journey through various crafts at Pinklay.

Handblock Printing ~ Creating Magic One Block at a Time!

At the core of everything we do, hand-block printing shines the brightest. We worship the craft. It's like painting a story, one block at a time. It's almost another worldly, we say it over and over, and it's a blessing that we get to cherish it in our daily lives.

Hnadblock printing - Pinklay

Hand block printed womenswear - Pinklay Hnadblock printed home linen - Pinklay Hand block printed Kidswear - Pinklay

Dabu Printing ~ Labour of Love!

The ancient technique of mud resist dyeing called dabu is our favourite handcraft of all time. Extremely weather-dependent and resource heavy, dabu goes through printing and dyeing several times before the final product is ready.

Dabu Handblock printing - Pinklay

SKY dabu hand block printed dress - Pinklay Keya Co-ord Set - Pinklay  Venus dabu handblock printed co-ord set - Pinklay

Hand quilting ~ A Women-first Craft

Our master quilters work with needle, like magic…making those intricate thread patterns. At Pinklay, most of our quilters are women who even though are skilled, due to socio-cultural challenges cannot leave their homes to look for employment, so we take work to them. Pinklay was started with a simple mission ~ to create a socially impactful business and this is one such impact that our quilts make to the lives of many such women.

Hand Quilting - Pinklay

Marigold Quilt - Pinklay Handblock printed Quilts- PinklayMarigold Quilt - Pinklay

Textile Design ~ Illustrating Stories

Pinklay prints are hand-illustrated and painted by exceptional painters, illustrators and textile designers. Our prints are thoughtfully created over a period of a few months, look closely every motif has a story to tell.

Hand illustration - Pinklay

Italian Summer Kurta Set - Pinklay Marigold bed cover, cushion cover, curtain - Pinklay Vriddhi Bath robe - Pinklay

Pottery ~ The Heart of Pinklay

There is clay in Pin(klay) for a reason, because we love the form, the craft, the wheel and the endless possibilities that can be achieved with it. Our ceramics are handmade by master artisans. Each piece is gourmet. 

Handthrown pottery - Pinklay

Ceramic Platters - Pinklay Handthrown pottery - Pinklay Ceramic Mugs - Pinklay

Metal Etching ~ Engraving Life into Metal

Our exquisite brass lamps feature parrots, trees, floral jaals and more which are hand etched by master karigars. Each lamp passes 50 skilled karigar hands before making it to our shelves.

Cutwork Lamps - Pinklay

Swagat Lamp - Pinklay Nirbhay Lamp - Pinklay Shayari Lamp - Pinklay


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  • Indian handicrafts have always been renowned for their exquisite beauty and rich cultural heritage. The visionary perspective on the future of this industry offers a refreshing outlook. With advancements in technology and a growing focus on sustainability, the possibilities are endless. This commentary opens our eyes to the potential of blending traditional craftsmanship with innovation, creating a thriving ecosystem where artisans can showcase their skills on a global platform. It ignites hope for a future where Indian handicrafts continue to captivate the world and contribute to the preservation of our cultural legacy." – Craft Enthusiast Magazine


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