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5 Easy Tips for Sustainable Travel

5 Easy Tips for Sustainable Travel

We love travel and we would love for you to travel with Pinklay. However, reckless tourism can negatively impact the environment. This Earth Day, we share with you our favourite 5 sustainable travel tips.

Travel Sustainably With Pinklay
Choose Eco-friendly Transport Options
See the place by foot or cycle around the beaches, rent electric bikes or Segway. Use community transport wherever possible. And, don't forget to take our co-ord sets along, they are chic, effortless and comfortable ~ everything you need on the move! Shop Co-ord Sets.
Use Eco-friend Transport Options - Pinklay
Say Goodbye to Single- use Plastic
Small changes can make a big impact ~ start by carrying a reusable bottle, metal straws, and a bamboo toothbrush. Carry them in our cute high-quality fabric travel accessories. Take a look!
Say no to single use plastic - Pinklay
Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!
Always carry a reusable shopping bag so you can shop plastic-free! At Pinklay, we send you high-quality eco-friendly fabric bags with each order. Take them along, they are roomy, stylish and handmade in India.
Carry your own Shopping Bags - Pinklay
Travel Smart, Pack Light
Travel light, it's good for the environment. A good way to do that is by packing in lightweight versatile garments. Start with our basic blacks and whites. Bonus tip: fold and pack your garments in rolls...that way you can pack at least 30% more. Shop Pinklay Classics.
Travel light - Pinklay
Bring Back Memories, Not Seashells
Love beaches? That makes us two. But, did you know bringing back sea shells from a beach destination can severely harm the biodiversity of the area. Instead, bring back great memories and beautiful photos in kaftans by Pinklay.

Bring back memories not sea shells - Pinklay


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